The Toddler Room serves children between 12 and  months of age, although this may vary depending on each child's development. There are two caregivers with a maximum of 14 toddlers. Play activities are designed to encourage stimulation in fine and gross motor development and positive social and emotional interactions. Our days are child driven and by choice. A basic routine is followed and adapted according to children's needs and moods.

Following are a few examples of what your toddler will be doing during their time in the Toddler Room:

• Sensory Experiences

• Water, sand, rice, and corn meal sensory table

• Bubbles

• Playdoh

• Social and Emotional Development

• Following simple rules like "gentle hands" and "quiet voices"

• Following instructions such as "pick up the toy"

• Following routines like "let's wash our hands and then..."

• Fine Motor Development

• Pouring, sifting, filling, and dumping

• Simple puzzles

• Gross Motor Development

• Dancing and marching

• Crawling, climbing, jumping, and running

• Language Development

• Reading stories and singing songs

• Talking and communicating with one another

• Self Help Skills

• Washing hands

• Eating and cleaning up independently

• Taking off and putting on shoes

• Creative Expression

• Easel, finger, or sponge painting

• Color with crayons, markers, and chalk

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16.10 | 05:20

Hello, We are looking for full time child care beginning February of 2023. Our daughter will be 15 months at the beginning of February. We would love to come by for a tour. Thank you so much!

12.06 | 03:06

Good Evening. I am looking for full time care for my two year old daughter starting full time in September as I’ll be returning to work as a teacher. I’d like to know your availability.

05.05 | 23:33

Hi, I’m looking for full time care for my 4 year old. Please let me know if you have availability!

29.04 | 21:23

Hello, I am looking to enroll my toddler (12 mos) and/or preschooler (4.5 yrs) for full day daycare/preschool. Thank you.

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