The Preschool Room is for preschoolers between 2 1/2 and 5 years of age. There are 2 caregivers with a maximum of 18 children. The Preschool curriculum include weekly themes. The focus is on concepts that promote social, self-regulation, literacy, language, and cognitive development through child-directed and teacher-led activities. Materials are used to compliment our themes and routines already in place and to assess progress of preschoolers.

Following are examples of what your preschooler will be doing during their time in the Preschool Room:

• Social and Emotional Development • Following basic rules and instructions • Communicating with peers and teachers • Sharing, choosing, and participating in group times

• Language Development • Reading stories and singing songs • Listening to stories on tape • Small Groups conversations

• Self Help Skills • Cleaning up • Washing hands and face • Potty training

• Creative Expression • Dress up and imaginary play • Painting, gluing, cutting and coloring • Singing and dancing

• Math, sorting, measuring, and categorizing, simple experiments

• Kindergarten Readiness • Counting and number recognition • Phonemics and letter recognition • Following three step directions